The world’s first in mouth cleaning

Discover the potential of the innovative LED stick for cleaning the mouth and throat area. Our unique UV-free light technology provides you with an effective product for reducing viruses, bacteria and fungi* and hence a hygienic feeling of freshness. Regular use of the medicsBLU® OraLightStick® will protect you and your family in just 15 minutes.

Chemical-free reduction of viruses, bacteria and fungi
Hygiene cleaning of the mouth and throat area
Alternative to mouthwashes
Effective after 15 minutes of daily preventive application. With intensive use: 2-4x 15-minute daily for 2-4 days
Simple to use in the home and on holiday
Safe to use with all members of the family from six years


Scientific studies reinforce the effect of blue light on bacteria and viruses

In the context of the scientific study entitled “Blue light inactivation of the enveloped RNA virus Phi6” from the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, as well as “Light as a potential treatment for pandemic coronavirus infections” from the USA (College of Health and Human Services San Diego State University, Marquette University School of Dentistry Milwaukee), “published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, Volume 207, June 2020, 111981” and in other studies phototherapy (light) was investigated as a potential treatment method against coronavirus infections. The study proves that blue light has an antimicrobial effect against many bacteria, and also helps to inactivate (kill) viruses (including influenza viruses).

A test recently carried out by a renowned laboratory showed that preventive use of the medicsBLU® OraLightStick® reduces bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus) and fungi (Candida albicans), which can trigger mucous membrane infections, taste disorders and bad breath, among other things, by 99.9 %. To the test report.

How to use
Scope of delivery

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The medicsBLU® OraLightStick® cleans the mouth and throat area, ensuring hygienic freshness. The light emitted is totally UV-free and thus harmless to humans. It is made of well-tolerated material (polycarbonate, ABS, food-grade silicone). The light emitted is also completely UV-free and thus not harmful to humans. Our innovation also has further benefits: The light stick is easy to apply, achieves good results after 15 minutes of use and is simple to use, thanks to its built-in battery and charging circuit – a practical solution.

As an alternative to mouthwashes without side effects and free of chemicals, the use of the light stick is absolutely harmless.


How to use

The light stick is safe and simple to use and takes very little time. It can be conveniently done from home and is suitable for use with any member of the family*. The light stick is activated at the push of a button and then inserted into the mouth. Each application of the stick helps to cleanse the mouth and throat and thus reduce viruses, bacteria and fungi*. The recommended duration of use for preventive application is 15 minutes and should ideally be daily. For intensive use, the stick can be used for 2-4 x 15 minutes daily for 2-4 days without hesitation.

*Not suitable for children under 6 years

Enhanced quality of life through light

The inventors of the light stick have been working in lighting technology for more than 35 years. They have over 20 patents and supply certified ”Made in Germany” quality. The state-of-the-art PANDIIIA® light device is an example of this. It also naturally exploits the positive properties of light and transmits them to the skin, body and psyche.

Your delivery includes

  • 1 medicsBLU® OraLightStick®
  • 3 replaceable silicone mouthpieces that can be washed in boiling water
  • High-quality medicsBLU® box
  • USB-C Charging cable
  • Operating and cleaning instructions

Charging the OraLightStick

Improved oral hygiene for you and your family

  • Effective in cleaning the mouth and throat area
  • For a hygienic feeling of freshness
  • Reduces viruses, bacteria and fungi*
  • UV-free
  • The medicsBLU® OraLightStick® is patent pending
  • Designed in Germany

€69.00   €129.00

* This is not a medical product